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My Name is Jed Miller and I am a Maine Lobsterman for over 40 years. My Father started me out when I was 5 years old. It’s been a roller coaster ride of 41 years. Some years I wanted out. Mostly because of regulations and price fixing. But I never lost my love for the actual fishing part of lobstering. My Son Obie, 19, has also been lobstering since he was 8, and now has the same fever love of lobstering that I have. I want him to be able to have the same opportunity that I had. We are facing mighty challenges now though. With corruption, propaganda, greed, collusion, and an all out economic war launched against the lobstermen and women of Maine. Our profits margins are slim now, as well as an overall tough future for the industry due to overregulation. Despite facts that we have presented showing that we have not killed any Right Whales in Maine from lobster gear, or even had an entanglement in 18 years, the activists and profiteers that fund them, want us out. There’s something very fishy going on, and it has little do with Right Whales, and more about profits.  So I am selling fresh Caught,  Maine Lobster right off the boat shipped to you live Online and in person where available.  This is my effort to try to take control of my product, and try to change the the entire infrastructure to be lobsterman owned from top to bottom. It’s our only hope. So please, Enjoy one of the healthiest meals you can eat for a great price. Lobster is a very nutrient rich meal. Our industry is facing many challenges, please help us continue to do what we love.

$7 a pound plus shipping for soft shells. $10/lb for Hardshells. $12/lb Jumbo (2lb plus lobster) Supplies limited on hardshells and Jumbos.

  • $5.50/lb softshell 
  • $10/lb Hardshell
  • $12/lb Jumbo
Roadside sale lobsters
Roadside sales
Roadside lobster truck
My daughter Willow baiting bags
My son Obie and Daughter Gwen when they fished from a skiff
My brother Jake and I loading traps to set when I was 7
From Top to bottom: Top picture, My daughter Willow baiting bags when she was 10.  Middle picture, My son Obie and Daughter Gwen hauling in their skiff when they were 10 and 8 years old. And bottom picture is my brother Jake and I loading traps to set when I was 9 and he was 10 years old.
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Maine Lobster Testimonials

I love Maine lobster. What a great price! Gwen M.

Maine Lobster is worth it. Better than spending same money on Junk food. Dan M.
Maine Lobster Testimonials
Cashy M.

Blahmagrama mumma dadda ohh oh, bye bye. (Ok not a great testimonial but he likes Maine Lobster) Cashy M.

I’m on the boat everyday, I’ll eat anything but Maine Lobsters are my favorite. Jojo M.